TrueGen: Great to watch, better yet to understand


by Fabio Lafa Recension Clara Fagundes

Here we are, experiencing the future that we planned and researched. It is wonderful when the result of this work appears before our eyes. All events, globally, place us at the forefront of a new generation that, following evolutionary logic, thinks and acts differently. Many of the things that until then were restricted to academics today are natural and fluent for people who are still in their early teens. Lines of code and robotics, for example. The experimentation we are invited to watch in the True Gen video is obviously rich, the result of months of dedication from the team to really portray their vision. Their yearnings and perspectives on the world around them and with individual narratives completely grounded in their banner – the truth. That which, for so long, we were in disharmony.


Our behavior as a society has brought us here, full of fears of admitting slips in terms of career, relationships, mental health, family – especially in social networks. It seems simple, but letting things come to the surface will be the best thing that will happen to us! Dealing with the facts the way they are and quit hidding. First lesson, world: do not hide. Deliver and demonstrate what you genuinely possess, resolve your issues and move on.

Perhaps because they saw so much war and intolerance in the first decade of the 2000s around the world, the thing of the members of Generation Z is really the dialogue. Faced with this movement without return, it is necessary to list some considerations for the next steps. So that we can exchange more, learn more and strengthen our role for a more empathic society that has diversity respected, although we are in the imminence of days when reaching an agreement can be even more complicated.

Above imposition and resistance, everything will be better if we can simply talk. At this moment, calling everyone to work hand in hand comes as the best solution. Whoever points the finger little collaborates. If we want change, we need to understand what benefits embrace more people, how urgent each step is, and the balance between pressing and giving. Unlike the old “tribes” who kept their demands very separate, the homogeneous coexistence of the generation Z creates screams for a single direction, uniting the wildlife causes, the struggles for safety and individual opportunities. Everyone around them will hear them and that’s why it’s interesting to have a specific chat with:


Parental and legally responsible figures


Let’s consider rethinking the role of opinion maker. It’s true: when you see them grow, they will replicate part of your phrases, positions and manias. However, if the learning process changes (and not just because “oh, it’s all on Google!”), the parenting approach changes. His family changes. Maybe this young man’s family is just you. Understand that change, inevitably, also involves you.

Participation in the learning process of a young person with well-defined motivations and longings has a tone of exchange. Be open to learn what inspires, motivates and frighten them. Let’s not insist on old mistakes: the guidelines will reach them before you, always. So cut the taboo once and for all and listen. Simply because stop loving them for having a contrary opinion would not be an option, right?

It is possible that everything involves paying attention to some worrying traits in the previous generation, probably now reaching the age of 30. Relationship problems, grievances, paid bills with fake smiles. They rarely spoke to their parents until reaching their teens and the weight of it is real. Now, let’s do it differently: understand, negotiate, talk. Unfortunately, the approach to not becoming invasive does not yet have an exact formula. On the bright side, if it gets too complicated, it’s okay to seek professional help.

Remember: we are part of what surrounds us, so we need to deal with the good part and with what needs improvement. During the process of training these young people, listen more – to be better heard, even.


The labor market


And, being more specific, the formal labor market.

For at least 10 years, the human resources press has shown the early geniuses that have enriched before they even respond legally, and which startups grow over needs and consumer demands previously unmet. Executives follow it all in a meeting room with 20 candidates for a busy selective process of new talent, but none of those creatives is there.

Why is it not attractive to those who break the rule, who rises the quality rule, who suggests new terms for the game, like the consulting people with whom you always have good conversations when they are in the corridors of your company? That’s the point. With the custom of questioning and breaking rules, an environment in which respect for the creative process and individuality is not perceptible will not interest them.

Here, the invitation involves self-criticism. If the goal is to take the business to another level, to follow up and propose changes or to continue in the Top of Mind of the market, wouldn’t be necessary to participate more in the discussions around the generation Z? Even those that do not have a direct relation with your segment?

All companies, including those in management, projects or finances, should reinforce their commitments to the community (those little remembered in the mission of the companies). Participation in these guidelines in the name of the collective increases the perception of value of the companies. And this subject gives us the hook for the third – and last – cut:


The companies, with their products and services:


Mainly, the companies of closer relation with the final consumer, like entertainment, financial services, hotel management, mobility, among others. Yes, we know the process is already happening. Recent examples have been the recent lamentable cases of racism in the giants H&M and Starbucks in the U.S.

The need to prepare not only campaigns and media, but also the areas of operations, creativity, customer service, increases. After all, any and all experience with your product or service will be taken into consideration. Even those that arise from mistakes.

About mistakes: whoever consumes something will want to participate more in the improvement process, considering that companies have a decreasing enforcement power. Practicing self-criticism and public retraction is a perceivable force in the eyes of those who consume. This also apply to fidelity molds: anyone who practices it sooner, wins. Effective representation of minorities also evolves to a need to participate not only in advertisements but also in leadership positions on companies and agencies for a real change. The act of “talking with the young” becomes a way far beyond what has been practiced, and the perception of change in posture becomes SALES.

We are very happy to encourage conversations from sharing content and learnings. We highlighted some points of the invitation to meet True Gen to channel the great work that the market and society will face. We may, following the cue, abandon this view that talking about race, gender, and visions of the world other than ours is possible only in the bubble or in the field of action of the other. Each unit of our relationships will be seized by a new wave of thought.

There is no other way out: we need to listen, rethink and act today, or we will be complaining about oblivion very soon. Fortunately, shared gains, participation and learnings from the different visions of the whole will reinforce this movement.

The invitation were officially made. Are you ready?


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