Ponto Eletrônico

Ponto Eletrônico is a Box1824 platform that looks at contemporary trends, culture, behavior, and consumption. Here you will have access to glimpses of the future through articles and reflections.

Instead of announcing new behaviors, our goal is to incite readers to observe the consciousness that is emerging from people and the world, and to propose a new angle from which to look at today and tomorrow.

We announce what is new, analyzing contemporary society and culture through thought-provoking topics that encourage the awakening of fresh ideas in our readers.

We help multiply the ideas that are swirling around us but that have not yet been widely disseminated or properly defined. We publish research about the future of consumption and the strengths that are behind innovations of a specific product or movement.

We are intellectually interested in pop culture and how its contemporary manifestations contribute to the understanding of how society works today.