We are transitioning to a new age, more emotional and feminine, guided by feeling and intuition - for some it has already started

by Andre Carvalhal cover Sascha Pohflepp Text taken from the author's book Moda com propósito (Purposeful Fashion) translated by Pronoia Tradutória

The search is growing for answers that go beyond science, technology, and matter. Evidence of a “collective consciousness” is everywhere: many businesses have adopted meditation and yoga to assist in human development; the value of animal products is being lowered by a generation that seeks a balanced diet and values local production; places like Piracanga and Alto Paraíso are increasingly desired destinations; astrology has never been so popular. Self-knowledge is in fashion and it is no surprise.

Regina Silveira
Regina Silveira

Look at the timeline of any social network and you will see self-help phrases, yoga poses, and tips about nature trails and tours. For some, it may be just a fad – that is very true. But either way, this is a sign of transformation. Something big is happening. Many movements have emerged, such as unschooling, consumer awareness, support for entrepreneurship and collaboration, and the pursuit and realization of dreams. They say (nothing is for nothing) that this is all part of the Aquarian Age.

Let me explain: remember in 2012 when you thought the world did not end? Well, many believe that at the time, the world we knew changed, opening the way to a new world and an important time for our planet. The “end of the world” was referring to a (misunderstood) astrological allegory about an era of transition. Every 2160 years, the sun rises in front of a new Zodiac constellation. During each period, the planet is governed by the characteristics of that sign (which characterizes its age). Now it is Aquarius’s time. But in addition to this “new age”, we are also experiencing the closing period of the cycle of ages (when all of the signs have been passed through), which occurs every 26,000 years (!).

Brendan Monroe
Brendan Monroe

We are leaving the age of Pisces and “entering” (in transition) into this new age of Aquarius. The exact start dates of each age vary according to different schools of thought, and just as the passage from day to night does not instantly occur from one hour to the next, there is a period of transition, with an overlap of lights and shadows between ages. It is exactly in this moment that we are currently living.

For some, the new age has begun, and for others it is yet to start.

This causes us to experience different feelings. Some people are out in front, while others are far behind. This means that many of us are already aware of a new age, even if we are still practicing old-world values. Astrology tells us that this is normal.

Each astrological age provides a kind of experience. In the age of Pisces, that experience was one of DOING. Man discovered his power by doing – through productivity. Through what he produced with his hands, what he created. It was an age during which much was built, there were many revolutions, the journey to the moon, the automobile… Man was doing, doing, and doing, showing what he is capable of. So says Amelia Clark, one of the founders of the Centro Holístico de Realização do Ser (Holistic Center for Fulfillment of Self) in Piracanga.

In the Aquarian age, man is transformed (and understood) through BEING. Through his truth and his essence, because this is the age of BEING. This age will demand that everyone look inside and discover who they really are. Everything will be directed toward this discovery – the transformation will take place from the inside out (if there is a new direction to be pursued, it is within us). Not science, not the state, nor religion, none of these alone will be able to resolve the impasse at which we have arrived. It is the feelings that come from within that will make us rethink “why”, “how” and “what” we are doing.

The Aquarian age was predicted to be a period of more consciousness, of universal brotherhood and collaboration, where it would be possible to solve social problems equitably, with great opportunities for intellectual and spiritual development. A more emotional, feminine age, guided by feelings and intuition, where we will need to organize and share knowledge so that together we can live in accordance with the new era.

Taoism says that the transformation we are living through favors a reconnection with nature. “The only path through life is harmony with nature”. If we look deep inside to discover who we are, we will see that we ourselves are nature. But until today we have been a plastic plant, a bird in a cage. For Taoists, the evolution of the world is a continuous creative process in which we must always place ourselves at nature’s service, to preserve and promote life in all its forms.

We must look at ourselves and our planet from a different, more ecological perspective. Nature runs through our bodies throughout our lives: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and even the clothes we wear come from nature. This must be a time of re-adaptation, during which we will renew our awareness that we ourselves are a part of nature. This does not just mean taking caring of the environment. We are recovering our consciousness and our ability to see beyond our own navel. We will start to rethink what we eat, what we wear, what we do… Like we are breathing. We will then be able to smile more and be happy. Through inner joy, which is natural to all of us.

Erika Verzutti
Erika Verzutti

So, maybe you love this idea, or perhaps you find it too romantic or cute to be true. Maybe you thinking it is crazy. Or you disagree completely. But even doubt is a part of this moment. After all, we are still in a phase of transition. Some people (and organizations) have already connected with the new reality, while others are still living (being) through the previous model. Prepare yourself (and stay calm), it may take years, decades, even centuries until the new energy definitively establishes itself.

But regardless of your belief, rest assured that everything converges at the same point. I would venture to say that what astrologers call the Aquarian age is the same as what economists call conscious capitalism (and what Taoists have already been talking about for a long time). It is the age of awareness for philosophers, the chaordic age for intellectuals, and the digital age for technologists. Humanists call it a human revolution (a new humanism), and retailers call it a crisis. When we look closely and without prejudice, we can see that everything is converging, and we can be certain that we are living through outdated models. We urgently need a transformation (inside and out).

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