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Confidence Crisis: The Old Politics In The Age Of Hyperconnectivity


Is it possible to live in a society without inequality? Or is it natural, is it necessary that a small number of people control and maintain certain privileges? These are issues that we have faced since Ancient Greece, and that are now entering a new chapter with a powerful new character called digital technology. How could technology, which connects the whole world, have created a distance between us, a feeling of mistrust?



Feeling the need for freer and more significant activity, and perceiving the new consumer-focused landscape, ad makers start to deny the age of excess. But if consumerism is reaching its end, what is advertising supposed to dedicate itself to? The answer is that the tug of war will be between two schools: one that wants to sell more and the other that wants to sell better.

Film As The Perpetuation Of Consumerist Mentality


A fast fashion item may be more similar to a film than you would expect. Titles overflow and movie theaters work in a mechanical rotative system: the next movie is right around the corner, there is no time for reflecting on what you just saw. Watching a film or not is deeply connected with today’s world emergencies.